Quirky and outrageous in equal measure all genius all idiot revels in the absurdities of life, using extreme circus artistry to highlight human behaviour at its most animalistic.

Adelaide Fringe Festival Weekly Award – WINNER OF BEST CIRUCS & PHYSICAL THEATRE


“A visceral, gender bending display of strength and creativity, All Genius, All Idiot is not like any other circus performance you will see.”



'Svalbard is refreshingly and amazingly experimental, as it innovatively blends contemporary circus with dance, theatre and physical comedy. Its mise-en-scène of ever-changing rhythm, its sensitive use of symbolic props and hauntingly beautiful live sound-track are all truly original, enabling an active, astounded and intense audience participation on both a physical and intellectual level.'


'It is very difficult to describe this show as it’s so unique. It starts off quite slowly, before ascending into utter madness and chaos which somehow works brilliantly! The dexterity and agility of the performers is breathtaking by itself, but when you add in the singing, the props, the costumes and set it all melds into one incredible performance.'


Performed and created by:  Tom Brand, Santiago Ruiz Albalate, J. Simon Wiborn and Ben Smith

Artistic Collaboration: Peter Jasko

Scenography: Kasper Svenstrup Hansen

CostumeMichiel Tange van Leeuwen

Lighting Design: Zuzana Režná

Exterior eye/Acrobatic Coach: Bahoz Temaux

Exterior eye: Methinee Wongtrakoon

Musical exterior eye: Mae Karthäuser

Producer: Josefin Lindberg/Follow the Rabbit

Collaborative partner: Wolfgang Hoffman/Aurora Nova

All Genius All Idiot brings us into the crazy and wild world of Svalbard. A journey of music, stunts and dance through a place of nonsense.


The design is based on the band like energy of the company and the feel of a desolated Scandinavian wasteland with American undertones. A fine line between man made and nature runs through the design which features rivers of cables, pulsating garbage bag lights, water, a backdrop made from a discarded advertisement banner for Svalbard Air Freshener, explosives, a neon sign and a disco ball. Like the performance it is based on a sense of ideas and atmospheres, which gives a distinct experience but no easily decipherable meaning.


There is a progression in the space from feeling lost in the garbage filled art-house snow planes to the comfort in finding a half empty cabin with a flickering neon sign above. Within, the energy, heat, extreme physicality and charm of the four performers is sure to win you over.