Four dancers and a giant balancing board - a dance through a rollercoaster of aggression and tenderness. 

The foothold is in constant negotiation. It is up to the dancers to find, create and keep the momentum that creates the dynamic balance which is N.A.R.G.'s focal point and makes the performance breathe.

Idea, directing and choreographyJannik Elkær, Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen, Christoffer Brekne

Created in collaboration with the performers: 

Simon Beyer-Pedersen, Petras Lisauskas, Noora Hannula, Cesar Garcia

Set design: Siggi Óli Palmason, Søren Romer

Costume design: Kasper Hansen

Costume maker and SupervisorSophie Bellin Hansen

Music and sound design: Alice Carreri

Lighting Design: Ville Aunola

Dramaturgical consultant: Betina Rex

Producer: Sigrid Aakvik

The rotating stage, The Turmoil, is the core and generator of all movement material in N.A.R.G and similarly the costumes had to come from its world of dark wood and polished metal.


The costume designs allow each dancer to be an individual without becoming a character and support their mood and movement in the piece. The dark subtle colours of the costumes bring the performers visually into the world of the Turmoil.

Through the piece top layers are revealed and skin is exposed; naturally because of the physical exhaustion but also to visually support the feelings of anger and tenderness between the performers and to create a sense of unity among them towards the end.

The shoes were very important in this piece as they had to work both visually and provide the right flexibility, grip and protection due to the extreme physicality.