Two people dance, sing, sip coffee. This duet is relentless: sometimes aggressive, sometimes compassionate. It is a celebration of the everyday.

UK Dance Editions selection, 2016

“A Room for All Our Tomorrows is one of the shows that is still glowing brightly in my imagination. Maybe that’s partly because Igor and Moreno’s production team have such a strong grasp of the craft of light and staging. In a warmly-lit space with a stylish, square wooden table and chairs, over coffee, Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas use movement, sound and singing to portray the elemental cycles that move through relationships as two people trigger fury, frustration, and finally healing, in each other. The set and costume design by Kasper Hansen created an Ikea-esque ideal appearance and environment for the two characters in this piece, against which the real tensions that arise in an intimate relationship poignantly raged.”

Joy Martin for exeunt magazine

"Every aspect of this performance was executed to perfection."


"‘it was BRILLIANT. And VISCERAL. […] You know the best thing about ‘visceral’? IT DOESN’T HAVE TO MEAN ANYTHING. You just feel it.’"


‘By the time fifty-five minutes are up, the audience have been on a deceptively finely-crafted emotional journey, from absurdity and surrealism to sculptural beauty and harmony and love. […] Igor and Moreno may initially seem like they are playing with idiocy and absurdity, but this is a work of considerable subtlety and intelligence with a strong emotional heart. Perfect at a time when our tomorrows have rarely seemed less certain.’

Peter Jacobs, The Reviews Hub

‘It seemed like it would be difficult for Igor and Moreno to top their incredible Idiotsyncrasy, in which they jumped non-stop for an hour. Instead A Room for All Our Tomorrows managed to stretch even further than the previous show in its balance of humour and melancholy and exasperation at the absurdity of the world. […] Along with the performances, the design was perfectly pitched, from their tailored suits to the gently shifting lighting to a table that managed to be a little bit magical. And among all the genuinely, delightfully surprising moments in the show was a moment of singing so original, yet at the same time so meaningful, it seemed amazing I had never seen it used before.’

Lilith Wozniak, Exeunt Magazine

Created by: Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas with Aoife McAtamney

Performed by Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas

DramaturgySimon Ellis

Set and Costume DesignKasper Hansen

Costume Maker and Supervisor: Sophie Bellin Hansen

Jacket tailoring: Markowski Atelier: Marek Markowski and Sarah Poffa

Voice Coach: Melanie Pappenheim

Lighting Design: Seth Rook Williams

Production manager: Ian Moore

Project manager: Sarah Maguire

Producer: Christina Elliot

For A Room For All Of Our Tomorrows we were to show two people striving for perfection and uniqueness and spiral out of control to finally find redemption in each other. Facade, perfection, claustrophobia, mania and finding a way.


The space is a marked out white dance floor and have absolute symmetry with two wooden chairs and a wooden table with a Nespresso machine centrally on it.

Coffees are made, coffees are drunk.


The dancers are wearing two almost identically cut and differently coloured bright pink suits tailored to their individually bodies and movement. The suits try to out scream each other and they give a sense discomfort and impracticality in the perfection.


As the piece progress and tension rise a coffee finally spils, the machine keeps continuously pouring and the dark staining coffee bleeds into the white symmetrical space. The table is pushed around, transform into a piano, played and climbed on. Chairs are thrown and songs are sung and perfection turns into a mess. It is through this mess that a new beginning can be made.