Artistic development: Den Unge Kunstneriske Elite

Artistic development: Performance in Museums - Den Unge Kunstneriske Elite

A two year artistic research project developing and deepening our independent practice creating works for exhibition spaces.


Concept and main mentor: Lene Bang Henningsen


Ellen Mara DeWachter (independent writer and art critic)

Lea Anderson (choreographer)

Conversational partners:

Dr Alexandra MacGilp (Frith Street Gallery)

Louis O'Kelly (Block Universe)

Romeo Castellucci (Director)

Roberto Casarotto (Opera Estate and Dancing Museums)

Samuel Levack (Artist)

Sophie Persson (Independent curator)

Participants to group conversations: 

Annette Skov (Copenhagen Contemporary)

Camilla Jalving (National Gallery, SMK)

Pernille Taagard Dinesen (independent curator, previously ARoS)

Magnus Kaslov (Museum of Contemporary Art)

Rikke Hansen (Independent writer and art critic)

Ulrik Jungersen og Louise Russo (Brandts)

Funded by:

The Danish Arts Foundation: Den Unge Kunstneriske Elite and Pludseligt Opståede Internationale Aktiviteter

In collaboration with creative producer and mentor Lene Bang Henningsen we have initiated a two-year artistic development and research project focusing on creation of design lead performance works for museum and gallery contexts.


The projects aims are to enrich a self initiated practice and to establish cross-institutional conversations to increase awareness of contemporary performance works in exhibition spaces in Denmark.

We believe in creating work in the meeting of design, craft and performance in the environment of the exhibition space. Here textures of fabrics and actions of the performer become equals and minute details and manufacturing techniques stand out as integral parts of the artistic reading. The live performative element pulls the exhibition space into the immediate present and contextualise and challenges its structures, history and architecture.