National Udstilling


A call for self-reflection in a time of identity crises with growing tendencies to construct and emphasize ones own roots both personally, nationally and politically.

Artistic Direction, Concept and Design: Kasper Hansen and Sophie Bellin-Hansen

Choreographer: Martin Forsberg

Dancers: Lydia Östberg Diakité, Joel Fritzon, Josefine Ibsen, Camille Marchadour, My Nilsson, Daniel Jeremiah Persson

Costume Choreographic Consultant: Lea Anderson

Historic Dress Consultant: Mikkel Venborg Pedersen

Costume Supervisor and MakerSophie Bellin Hansen

Costume Maker: Mari Halebro

Knit: Galina Gorneva

Textile Print: Contrado

Embroidery: AL Broderi

Footwear Adaptation: Kasper Hansen

Flag ProductionLipuvabrik

Project AdministrationJens Christian Jensen, Projektcentret

Funded by:

The Danish Arts Foundation

The Knud Højgårds Fondation

Bikuben Fonden

Presented by and in collaboration with:

The National Gallery of Denmark

Co-Produced by:



NATIONAL UDSTILLING (National Exhibition) is a choreographic installation that relentlessly progress through and annex museum spaces. The performers bodies move at an unsettling slow pace constantly producing mesmerizing and ever changing tableaux.

With an allegoric contemporary national dress in its centre the work poses reflections on mono- culture, national pride and national branding. Large discoloured flags are spread across the museum and offer ambiguous expressions of celebration and violence.

National Udstilling takes the deliberate international branding of ‘Denmark’ and ‘New Nordic’ as a case study and draws parallels to national romanticism and the nationalistic uprisings that swept across Europe in the second half of the 19th century. Reemerging tendencies that previously led to catastrophic consequences.

It is performed over a period of four hours by six contemporary dancers among museum visitors to the bare sounds of bodies, dripping saliva and steps amplified by purpose made percussion- sports-clogs.

National Udstilling was initiated by KASPERSOPHIE from a starting point in design and craft and created in collaboration with invited choreographer Martin Forsberg. It premiered at the National Gallery of Denmark in January 2018.