Not I

Costume and objects for Camille Mutel’s solo that propose gestures of offering and being in a space that embraces the in-between the dancer and the audience.

Of All Its Parts: From Darkness

Set and costume for two-women-machine-shows episodic journey into the unknown depths of a shared imagination.

Artistic development: Den Unge Kunstneriske Elite

A two year artistic research project developing and deepening our independent practice creating works for exhibition spaces.

National Udstilling

A performative installation that calls for self-reflection in a time with growing tendencies to construct and emphasize ones own roots both personally, nationally and politically. Created by KASPERSOPHIE with invited collaborators.


Set and costume for Robert Clark’s interactive response to our current urban environment and societal trends to disengage and disconnect from the world and others around us.


Set and costume for Igor and Moreno’s invitation to pause and to connect with your senses. A generous and patient walk into a cloud of attention and time.

Idiot Syncrasy

“Unmissable! A simple but immersive performance that defies all initial expectations and explanations.” Set and costume for this work by Igor and Moreno.

Something About Wilderness

It speaks of the inevitability of time passing and of the inevitability of change. It speaks of a tug between the wild and the civilised. Costume design for this work by Melanie Demers and Laila Diallo for Skånes Dansteater.

A Room For All Of Our Tomorrows

Two people dance, sing, sip coffee. This duet is relentless: sometimes aggressive, sometimes compassionate. It is a celebration of the everyday. Set and costume for this work by Igor and Moreno.

Easy Rider

Set and costume for Eva Recacha’s theatrical rite unravelling the pure essence of our need to belong. It reflects our own beliefs and passions in a raw and haunting way.