Challenging costuming within dance and physical performances and fulfilling the demands of movement and design combined is a constant ambition and focus in my work.

I have a broad range of costume experience from supervising, producing costumes and running wardrobe through the works with Victoria Thierree Chaplin, Punchdrunk, Mute Comp, Rosemary Lee, Sort/Hvid, Signa and Republique and Teater Neanders among others.

I regularly work as part of the costume workshops Weirdwear, Trinity Laban and The Place and I undertook  internships with The National Theatre, The Royal Opera House and the BBC as part of my degree in costume.


NEANDER (DK) | Airport | costume supervisor-maker

WEIRDWEAR (DK) | costume maker

LONDON CONTEMPORARY DANCE SCHOOL - Igor & Moreno (UK) | The Wolves Will be Watching | costume designer-supervisor

MUTE COMP (DK) | Most Truths Are So Naked | costume supervisor-maker


TEATER SORT/HVID (DK)Noma | co-cutter

HEGE ERIKSDATTER (NO/UK) Potatoes and Sauce | costume designer-maker

WEIRDWEAR (DK) | costume maker

TEATER REPUBLIQUE (DK) | Ventestedet (Signa) & Donka (Compagnia Finzi Pasca) | wardrobe mistress

TEATER FÅR 302  (DK) Frisørene | costume assistant

LONDON CONTEMPORARY DANCE SCHOOL (UK) | Graduation works | costume maker

LEICESTER CURVE THEATRE (UK) Chicago | costume maker

TRINITY LABAN CONSERVATOIRE OF MUSIC AND DANCE (UK) | Transition dance company and graduation works | costume maker


DSL ZONE TV (UK) | The Tree Fairy | costume maker

PUNCHDRUNK (UK) | The Borough | Aldeburgh Music Festival | costume-prop maker

MUTE COMP (DK) | The Conspiracy of Spring | costume supervisor-maker

VICTORIA CHAPLIN AND AURELIA THIERREE (FR) | Murmures des Murs | touring wardrobe manager | international tour from 2011


ROSEMARY LEE (UK) | Meltdown | costume and wardrobe supervisor

TOUR DE FORCE (UK) | L'Avare | costume designer-maker

N.I.E THEATRE & UNICORN THEATRE | Tales from the Thames | costume maker

GIDEON REELING | Żubrówka vodka | hat & wig dressing


ROSEMARY LEE | Square Dances | costume and wardrobe supervisor 

VICTORIA CHAPLIN AND AURELIA THIERREE | Murmures des Murs | costume maker 


ENGLISH NATIONAL OPERA & PUNCHDRUNK | Duchess of Malfi | costume maker

THREE SIXTY ENTERTAINMENT | Peter Pan | dye and breaking down

ROSEMARY LEE | Common dance | wardrobe mistress


UNICORN THEATRE (UK) | Cinderella | millinery and dyer

JAMES THIERREE (FR)Raoul | wardrobe mistress

OCKHAM’S RAZOR (UK) | The Mill | costume maker

BBC (UK) | The Legend of Dick and Dom, season 2 and 3 | costume assistant


LONDON CHILDREN’S BALLET (UK) | Jane Eyre | costume maker

NATIONAL CENTRE FOR CIRCUS ARTS (UK) | I of the Storm costume maker, dye and print maker

CORTO MOLTEDO (UK) | Swarovski Runway Rocks | costume-prop maker


WIMBLEDON COLLEGE OF ARTS (UK) |  BA Costume Interpretation | 2006-2009

SOUTHWARK UNIVERSITY - Carnival del Pueblo (UK) |  certificate in carnival costume making skills |  2007


NATIONAL THEATRE (UK) | dye workroom internship | 2012

CITY LIT (UK) | contemporary dance | 2009-2010

NATIONAL THEATRE (UK) | costume-prop workshop internship | 2009

ROYAL OPERA HOUSE (UK) | women’s workroom costume internship | 2009

NATIONAL CENTRE FOR CIRCUS ARTS (UK) | circus arts & flying trapeze | 2007-2010

MICHAEL HARJES (DE) | coppersmith internship | 2003